My name is Viena and I started APlus Translations in 2002. I set it up as a one-person translation agency, using a handful of freelance translators and with the aim of providing a highly personalized, flexible translation service for smaller clients. Without embarking on any aggressive marketing my client base increased mainly through referrals and recommendations. Today, APlus consists of a core team of 3 project managers and a network of over 100 translators around the globe. We now enjoy long-standing collaborations with many clients including the likes of Thule Inc., Electronic Arts, Take 2, Ipsos Reid and Full Tilt Poker.

Despite the growth I am pleased to say that the highly personalized and flexible service I initially set up is still my agency’s hallmark. With a small in-house team and a far reaching network of freelancers we remain highly efficient, yet able to provide a superior service to clients of any size, from individuals to large companies. Please meet our team and family of translators below and follow the link to see some of our success stories.

I look forward to working with you and discussing your project.