What Makes APlus Translations One of the World’s Best Translation Company?

Let’s start with a little history and personal introduction. My name is Viena, and I started APlus Translations in 2002 in Vancouver BC, Canada. I set it up as a one-person translation company, using a handful of freelance translators and with the aim of providing a highly personalized, flexible translation service for smaller clients. Without embarking on any aggressive marketing my client base increased mainly through referrals and recommendations.

Over 100 translators working with global brands

Today, APlus Translations Company consists of a core team of 3 project managers and a network of over 100 translators around the globe. We now enjoy long-standing collaborations with many clients including the likes of Thule Inc., Electronic Arts, Take 2, Ipsos Reid and Full Tilt Poker.

Always a highly personalized and flexible translation service

Despite the growth I am pleased to say that the highly personalized and flexible service I initially set up is still my agency’s hallmark. With a small in-house team and a far reaching network of freelancers we remain highly efficient, yet able to provide a superior service to clients of any size, from individuals to large companies. Please meet our team and family of translators below and follow the link to see some of our success stories.

I look forward to working with you and discussing your project.

Core Translation Team

International Translation Company

Viena Wroblewska

As well as being an entrepreneur and the business mind behind APlus Translations, Viena speaks 5 languages fluently. Away from work she loves to travel and recreate the world’s cuisines in her own kitchen.

Albert - International Translator

Albert Trullas

Albert is one of our Localization Managers and also fluent in 5 languages. His 6 years working in quality management systems provides our team with invaluable attention to detail. His love of language extends to writing his own fiction outside of work.

Rob Latchford, International Localization Expert

Rob Latchford

Our other Localization Manager Rob is also a translator specializing in French and Italian. He brings 7 years of localization experience to the team as well as extensive technical knowledge. Rob is also a writer, a sports enthusiast and self-confessed internet junkie.

Iwona Garbarczyk - International Localization Manager

Iwona Garbarczyk

Iwona is another one of our Localization Managers. With economics as a background, and without prior experience in Localization, Iwona Garbarczyk rapidly adapted to her role as Localization Manager. Her responsiveness and attention to detail are stellar. Iwona recently took up golfing and she is now mostly outdoing her fiance on the greens!

Konrad Wasiela - International Translations Manager

Konrad Wasiela

A most versatile man, Konrad played professional football in the CFL, and is now a founder of Alive Fitness. He is also a natural and personable sales professional, just the kind of easy-going Director of Sales and Marketing that suits APlus Translations’ customer-centric business model.

Meet Some of our Translators

The global team of translators we work with are more than professional freelancers. They are considered team members and we have developed long-lasting collaborations with many of them. We source native speakers living in their native country which means we gain a professional in tune with the current trends and culture for that particular market. Freelancers depend on their clients for future work so we know we are working with someone who cares about, and relies upon, the quality of their work.

Due to the vast network of professional freelance translators in our roster, we have a highly scalable team with flexibility in regard to pricing, scheduling, and capacity.

German to English Translator

German to English Translator

“After studying business administration, German and philosophy I worked as a copywriter and became a freelance translator in 1992. My main fields of specialization are finance, marketing, chemistry/pharmaceutics, environmental technologies and IT. Much has changed in the language industry in all these years, but a great relationship between translation agency and translator is still just as important as it ever was.”

French to English Translator

French to English Translator

“I have a translation degree from ULIP, Paris, a Certificate of Proficiency from the University of Cambridge and have been in the translation industry for 8 years. I specialize in video games, subtitles, dubbing, marketing, music, creative writing and song/poetry adaptation. Translation is not just a job, it’s an art. My background as a pianist allows me to have a unique approach to translation: just like music, text must convey meaning and sound beautiful. Maybe that is why I also love audio books!”

Italian to English Translator

Italian to English Translator

“After completing an M.A. in Chinese Studies at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, I started translating 7 years ago. My areas of specialization are marketing/corporate communication, business law/corporate finance, medicine and health care. I moved back to Italy after spells in China and Canada, and living next to the Alps gives me a great reason to peel myself away from the desk and get out into nature.”

Global Translators Map

Arabic to English Translator

Arabic to English Translator

“I have been in business for 12 years after completing a B.A. in English Language and translation. I specialize in technical, legal, IT, marketing, finance, medical, entertainment and sports translations. I also do subtitling. When not busy with the written word I like to pull out the cue for a game of pool or snooker.”

Guy - Best English to French Translator

English to French Translator

“I have lived and worked in 17 francophone countries and have worked as a freelance translator for more than ten years. I have an M.A. degree from Cambridge University and a PhD from McGill. I specialize in scientific and technical translations and also do academic translations for a Paris business school. Although now retired from my previous job as a mining geologist, I still like to unearth a good investment and enjoy following the precious metal and stone industry.”

Mesut - Turkish to English Translator

Turkish to English Translator

“Discovering translation software and learning the tools of the trade was a turning point in my professional life. After spending years primarily translating notarial documents, agreements, power of attorneys and the like, I now do lots of gaming and IT translations.”

Isabella - German to English Translator

German to English Translator

“I have 20 years of experience as a freelance translator. My areas of expertise include computer software/hardware, user manuals, poker/casino/online gambling, medical translations, psychology and spirituality. I am the author of several books on Windows programs, such as Word, Windows, Excel, etc. and have translated various books on spirituality and poker. I may not have made millions (yet!) playing the latter but between playing and translating it, I’ve certainly learnt the game inside out.”

Yukinori - Japanese to English Translator

Japanese to English Translator

“I graduated from Waseda University after studying English and American Law. I have been working in translation for 14 years and I specialize in business/economic translations and contracts. Philosophy fascinates me and I can busy myself for hours with just my thoughts. It’s easy, free and requires no special equipment!”

We are Members of the Better Business Bureau

Viena Wroblewska and Konrad Wasiela at a BBB event.

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