Originally one of two providers for Full Tilt Poker, we were subsequently chosen to be their exclusive provider. Our role went from localizing small sections of their site in 18 languages to localizing the entire website and software client in 25 languages. To date we have translated over 25 millions words for them. As with all our projects, we developed custom tools and processes to fulfil the individual needs of the customer.

Four years ago we decided to augment our translations department with an external supplier. We gave business to three Companies including APlus of Vancouver Canada. APlus quickly helped us reduce our in-house requirements and in June 2010 became our exclusive translations supplier. Their ability to scale with our demands and their dedication to delivering a superior product far exceeds any other supply company I have ever dealt with in any category.

Bob Williams
Director of Strategic Web Development
Full Tilt Poker – Pocket Kings, Ltd.