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Translation Services

Step 1
You submit a project to us via fax or email.
Step 2
We provide you with a quote and estimated delivery time within 24 hours.
Step 3
Once approved, we assign to the specialist best suited to the project.
Step 4
The project goes through our quality assurance processes as required.
Step 5
We deliver the completed project via email and the invoice soon after.

Flexible Process

We do not have complicated hierarchies or processes, which means we can put more energy into being efficient and remaining flexible. At any stage of the process you can talk to us and we will always try to accommodate special requests. At no stage do we let process get in the way of providing services of high quality and respecting your deadlines.

Advanced Tools for Speed and Efficiency

CAT Software

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) software is distinctly different from machine translation which uses software to translate text for you. CAT software aids a human translator to be more efficient, more accurate and more reliable. We use a variety of industry standard CAT tools such as SDL Trados and Wordfast.

Translation Memories

A component of CAT software is the concept of Translation Memory. This is simply a database of previously translated content which can then be applied to new translation requests from the same customer. This means translations remain consistent and the time saved by not having to re-translate can be passed on to you in the form of discounts on previously translated content. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from our TM management, please contact us.

Terminology Management

As well as retaining a record of all translations, we also maintain glossaries for terminology management. This becomes even more important when more than one translator is assigned to a project. Using industry standard software, as well as government and internationally recognized glossaries, we make sure that a translated term remains consistent throughout your project.

Fast Turnaround

We will always try to accommodate your deadline. We can provide fast translation services to achieve a 24 hour turnaround for many types of urgent projects.

Reliable, High Quality Translation Services – Guaranteed

For us, Quality Assurance (Q.A.) is not just a step at the end of a project. Q.A. is an intrinsic part of building a high quality process that is always reliable. The following Q.A. process applies to our translation services but applies equally to our other services.

Before Translation

Before we work with a translator they go through a rigorous selection process. Your project is only handled by a native speaker and specialist in the appropriate field.

During Translation

We will always try to use the same translator for a given client. This ensures consistency and familiarity with the content and style. Unless specifically requested otherwise, a proofreader will review the translator’s work. The proofreader will also be a native speaker and checks for language-related issues.

After Translation

Quality Assurance is then performed on the translated files if requested. This step does not require a native speaker as it is concerned more with ensuring the technical aspects of the project are correct, including the format, coding, tagging and layout amongst others.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our work and want our customers to be completely satisfied. We will follow up on any item of concern and review our work as required, free of charge.

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