As a translation agency in Vancouver Canada, we’re always researching the nuanced variations between different languages and regions. Turns out, how you choose your colours for an international brand has a lot of variables to consider .

Colour choice plays a large part in brand identity and marketing for a business. Certain emotions are conveyed, usually subconsciously, through primary colour selections, but these implanted notions are seldom worldwide standards. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

For example, an eco-friendly campaign that uses shades of green to convey environmental awareness in the United States could be misconstrued in Malaysia and communicate danger. It’s important to know your target audience and be aware of how colour can impact different cultures, because it’s easy to send mixed signals when deciding on a palette for your next project.

The table below is a good starting point, and more information can be found using Xerox’s International Color Guide

Importance of Colours in Different Countries

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