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Canadian French Label  Translation Services

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Let us help your business meet the French & English labeling translation requirements in Canada.

As a Canadian translation agency, APlus Translations is pleased to provide businesses with expert Quebec French to English Translation Services to ensure their product documents and labels are correctly translated and labelled for sale within Canada, particularly in Quebec.

Whether you are currently selling products in Quebec or just entering the market, benefit from our in depth knowledge of the French Language Bureau’s regulatory requirements.

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French to English Label Translation

Canadian French Translation Services

It is strongly advised that businesses take a pro-active approach to make sure their product labelling complies with Bureau regulations. There are many reasons products can be pulled from shelves. The most common reasons are incorrect use of French and an imbalance in the representation of French and English. Other language-related issues may also arise.

French to English Label Translation

Our knowledgeable translation team is equipped to handle all of your label translation needs. We work with virtually all file formats and adapt translations to meet any number of applications, from web and desktop to mobile apps on the latest smartphones. We also deliver your projects in the same format.

Our specialized and handpicked translators are highly experienced in French and English language translation laws and requirements in Canada. Our translators are adept at translating a wide range of product labels including (but not limited to) food label translators, technical electronic label translators, document translators, financial translators — see our services page for more our key translations services.

We ensure only the most qualified translators with specific industry experience are matched to your project. With APlus Translations in Vancouver BC, you can trust that your important documents and labels are translated on time and on budget.

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