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As a Canadian Translation Agency based in Vancouver BC, APlus Translations Inc. is proud to serve the Lower Mainland Area and give its people a local voice, in any language.

With our extensive experience in the industry, we’ve found Vancouver to be the perfect place to run a Canadian translation agency. Like many other international cities, Vancouver has thriving Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, Greek and Japanese communities; but, is also home to significant groups of Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Scandinavian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian people. Add these to its original British, Irish, and German immigrants and you have the archetypal melting pot and multicultural city par excellence.

Despite English and French being the official Canadian languages, 52% of Vancouver’s population do not speak English as their first language. Only 8% of the population have knowledge of both of Canada’s official languages and 5% have no knowledge of either of them. If ever there were a place in need of translation services, then Vancouver has to be up there in the list of candidates.

Vancouver Translations Company

Vancouver is a city that was built on and continues to welcome immigration. Part of the immigration process often entails translation of official documents for government use, and conducting any type of business will usually involve the official languages of Canada somewhere along the line.

That’s why our Vancouver based translation company is proud to offer world-class localization services, such as our locally tuned Chinese to French and Chinese to English translation services.

Our Vancouver Translation Services

From business translations to legal translations to technical documentation translations, businesses and people in Vancouver need to communicate effectively and accurately across languages. Without localized translation services, messages often will not reach the target audience.

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