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6 thoughts on “How to Select a Translation Service

    1. Interesting topic – I am surprised oethrs have not commented.When I started translating 10 years ago I sent out a few CVs and got zero response. On ProZ I responded to some job offers, and got one or two jobs – a very low bit rate.Then I expanded my ProZ profile, and after a very slow start that brought in a growing volume of work mainly thanks to translation companies trawling through ProZ looking for translators. I also signed up with other translation websites and got some work. In short, I am persuaded that registering on translation websites, and playing an active part, is the best marketing. As for social networks (I am on LinkedIn), they are some way from challenging the likes of ProZ.

    1. Great question. And the answer is, “with great difficulty”. Of course the results will speak for themselves, but before the translation is completed, the client has to trust the agency’s recruitment process. As in any industry, there is no way to guarantee that an employee will perform up to expectations. However, if an agency has a thorough recruitment process, the chances will be much higher that the person working on a document is truly qualified. How we select translators will be the topic of our next newsletter, which will also be posted here. Check back to have a read.

    1. Right now I’m taking a look at the book Get Clients Now!, which was rmecmeonded by a fellow translator. The book is about creating and implementing a marketing plan for a small service business, and there are worksheets that you can download from the author’s website.I thought I’d try this and see if it improves my marketing efforts, which could use a bit of discipline. However I’m not entire sure that everything in the book is 100% applicable to translators, since the top method rmecmeonded is direct contacts (cold or warm calling), followed only afterward by networking and referrals. I’ve seen quite a few comments by translators lately that they get most of their business by *being found* by clients who are looking for translators, through venues such as Peter mentions above, through referrals, and so on.

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